News Canada Binary – Populus Global Wins International Bid for National Health Management Information System | News Canada Binary

Populus Global Wins International Bid for National Health Management Information System
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The Future is Binary – Health information company Populus Global Solutions today announced that it has won an international bid to supply the Government of Barbados with a fully-integrated national electronic health information system (HIS). The company’s software presently runs the national HIS of three other countries, and has been recognized by the World Health Organization as one of the best all-encompassing systems of its kind.

“We have developed a big data, health software product that manages more than one million transactions every day. We are thrilled that Barbados is the fourth nation to choose our software to power their national health information system,” said Populus CEO Tristan Rutter. “Harnessing the power of our Canadian technology, governments like Barbados are proving that we can expand access to healthcare, reduce the burden of disease and save money all at the same time.”

In Barbados, Populus will provide every citizen with an electronic medical record and electronically tie all of its doctors, hospitals, clinics and pharmacies together under one cloud-based integrated system that includes:

E-prescribing with inventory control
Embedded Disease Management Protocols
Data analytics complete with realtime reporting
“The entire system will be up and running within nine months at cost of less than ten dollars per citizen.” added Rutter. “We’re proud that our system was chosen after such a rigorous open competitive process that involved bids from North America, Europe and India and considered cost, technical ability, and experience.”

“The Government of Canada is committed to helping Atlantic Canadian businesses like Populus Global Solutions compete internationally, grow their business and create jobs,” said Keith Ashfield, Member of Parliament for Fredericton, on behalf of the Honourable Rob Moore, Minister of State (ACOA). “Populus is a company to watch, as its quality, low-cost system will improve the access, affordability and effectiveness of healthcare where people need it most. Our Government’s support, through ACOA, has helped Populus build the marketing tools they need to showcase their capabilities on a global scale while creating long-term prosperity for our economy right here at home. ”

The Government of Canada, through ACOA’s Business Development Program, provided a contribution of $314,581 to the company to support the marketing of its groundbreaking system.

The Populus system was first implemented for the National Health System of Belize in 2007. The World Health Organization subsequently reviewed the software and outcomes for that country and concluded in a report that “the positive impact of the System could be seen in the improved health of the population…the new system enabled better patient care and follow-up at clinic level, reducing hospital stays and the associated costs.”

News Canada Binary – Populus Global Wins International Bid for National Health Management Information System | News Canada Binary.


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