News Canada Binary – JUST EAT Canada Continues its Full-Steam-Ahead Expansion in Canada | News Canada Binary

JUST EAT Canada Continues its Full-Steam-Ahead Expansion in Canada

Just Eat Partners with Calgary’s Empire Delivery Services

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The Future is Binary – JUST EAT Canada’s goal of being able to offer exceptional service using local delivery companies in every city throughout the nation is quickly becoming a reality. By pairing with local companies that already have a fleet of vehicles in place, JUST EAT is now able to offer even more seamless service from start to finish. JUST EAT is thrilled to announce it will be partnering with Calgary-based Empire Delivery Services.

“As we strive to continue to offer the best local service in as many Canadian cities as possible, we’re thrilled to announce this partnership between the largest food delivery service in Calgary, Empire Delivery Services,” states Todd Masse. “JUST EAT is committed to forging partnerships that will help local economies thrive, as well as bringing to our clients the exceptional quality and service that we are known for.”

Founded by Redge and Dacia Filbey-Chong, Empire Delivery Services is a business-to-business service that offers restaurants the use of their fleet of delivery vehicles — something that establishments may otherwise not be able to afford. Empire currently has 50+ vehicles in their fleet and services hundreds of restaurants in the Calgary area. The pairing of Empire’s current service with JUST EAT Canada will bring to local businesses the tools that will help extend their service to areas that would have been too costly in the past.

Thrilled about the new partnership with JUST EAT, Filbey-Chong states, “We are excited with what the future holds. Our goal is to expand our company and provide quality service to our customers here in Calgary. Now that we have partnered with JUST EAT, the sky is the limit.”

Empire will now gain access to JUST EAT’s proprietary geo-tracking technology, resulting in a more user-friendly experience for consumers. Soon users will be able to track the whereabouts of their orders in real-time, which is a similar technology to those used by popular mobile apps like Uber and Hailo. Since Eat Up and Menu Express joined forces with JUST EAT in Eastern Canada and implemented geo-tracking technology for its deliveries, both clients and end consumers have expressed a significant increase in overall satisfaction.

With headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, JUST EAT Canada is the nation’s largest and fastest-growing online restaurant & food ordering service. The website and NEW mobile app enables local restaurants and customers to connect, offering two quick-and-easy platforms for ordering food delivery. There are currently 4000+ restaurants online with in major cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa, Winnipeg and Regina. The JUST EAT Group, which was founded in Denmark in 2000, now has its headquarters in London, UK and is active in 13 countries around the globe.

News Canada Binary – JUST EAT Canada Continues its Full-Steam-Ahead Expansion in Canada | News Canada Binary.


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