Magna AWD System Helps Hyundai Genesis Achieve New Levels of Driving Performance | News Canada Binary

Car tech — Magna AWD System Helps Hyundai Genesis Achieve New Levels of Driving Performance
Magna AWD System Helps Hyundai Genesis Achieve New Levels of Driving Performance
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The Future is Binary – Magna International Inc. announced today that its Magna Powertrain operating unit, the global leader in four-wheel/all-wheel-drive systems, is the supplier of the new all-wheel-drive (AWD) system available on the 2015 Hyundai Genesis. The 2015 Genesis marks the first Hyundai sedan to offer an AWD system known as HTRAC®.

“The launch of the Genesis HTRAC system is a continuation of a close partnership between Hyundai and Magna Powertrain on advanced all-wheel-drive systems,” said Jake Hirsch, president of Magna Powertrain.

The new Genesis will be built at Hyundai’s Ulsan, Korea, plant, with the AWD system being produced and shipped from Magna Powertrain’s Lannach and Ilz facilities in Austria.

Hyundai’s new HTRAC AWD was developed as a multi-mode system, providing an electronic, variable-torque-split clutch with active torque control between the front and rear axles. The system deploys a newly developed right-hand drop version of Magna Powertrain’s active transfer case, which enabled Hyundai to overcome challenging underbody packaging constraints.

HTRAC offers driver-selectable modes that adapt the AWD system performance. Normal and Eco modes provide more traction in all-weather conditions, while the Sport setting gives a more agile feel by increasing the amount of torque sent to the rear wheels. To maximize efficiency, the system directs available torque to the rear wheels during steady-state highway cruising, improving fuel economy and NVH.

This active transfer case has a wide range of torque distribution and has been tuned in the Genesis to optimize performance under various conditions such as straight-line acceleration, medium- and high-speed cornering and hill-starts.

About Magna Powertrain
Magna Powertrain, an operating group of Magna International, is a global supplier for the automotive industry with full capabilities in powertrain design, development, testing and manufacturing. Complete system integration sets us apart from our competitors, and our innovations make important contributions to the overall performance of vehicles around the world: they aim to improve fuel economy, make vehicles safer and lighter, ensure a pleasurable driving experience, and provide added value to our customers.

In line with increasing environmental pressure, many of Magna Powertrain’s innovations focus on electronically controlled technologies, supporting the quest for improved efficiency and reduced emissions. Manufacturing locations, engineering centers, and sales offices are situated close to our global customer base, stretching throughout all regions of the world.

About Magna International
We are a leading global automotive supplier with 315 manufacturing operations and 82 product development, engineering and sales centres in 29 countries. We have over 128,000 employees focused on delivering superior value to our customers through innovative products and processes, and World Class Manufacturing. Our product capabilities include producing body, chassis, interior, exterior, seating, powertrain, electronic, vision, closure and roof systems and modules, as well as complete vehicle engineering and contract manufacturing. Our Common Shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange (MG) and the New York Stock Exchange (MGA). For further information about Magna, visit our website at

Magna AWD System Helps Hyundai Genesis Achieve New Levels of Driving Performance | News Canada Binary.


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