News Canada Binary – GENERcoin combines Digital Currency with Renewable Energy | News Canada Binary

News Canada Binary – GENERcoin combines Digital Currency with Renewable Energy | News Canada Binary.

GENERcoin combines Digital Currency with Renewable Energy

A renewable energy innovation in an asset-backed digital currency

What do you get when you mix digital currency with abundant renewable energy?

A crypto currency backed by real Green ​ENERgy.

Earning Huge Profit on your Investments Start Today

The Future is Binary – Introducing GENERcoin, a revolutionary offering from Arterran Renewables that will combine stable value together with economic utility that neither debt-backed nor gold-backed currencies offer.

Arterran Renewables, an emerging Nextgen Biofuel Company has revolutionized the process of creating renewable energy by utilizing the most common substance on Earth, cellulose. Arterran’s technology converts any waste with suitable cellulose content into a solid biofuel. The result is a renewable and abundant source of energy that produces significantly more energy than industrial wood pellets, with no off gassing, superior combustion characteristics, and lower handling costs. A truly renewable solid biofuel that is a replacement for coal is now a reality thanks to GENERcoin.

GENERcoin’s lead visionary David Tiessen gives a glimpse of what to expect:

“GENERcoin is simply about one thing: a World with sustainable renewable energy. The world cannot afford to ignore the effects of 150 years of fossil fuel use, nor can it continue down the big energy business as usual path. The effects of fossil fuel use will continue to increase the CO2 levels of the planet and negatively affect our climate and the future of thousands of species, including ours. We now have the choice of business as usual and the continued burning of dirty fossil fuels and the polluting of the planet, or renewable and sustainable alternatives like Arterran Renewables. Mankind now has at our disposal clean, sustainable energy alternatives and Arterran Renewables with their ability to directly replace coal is the latest exciting addition. GENERcoin is the medium to deploy Arterran’s NextGen Renewable Solid Biofuel and we’re excited to get down to the business of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

Arterran’s CEO Lloyd Davis comments on prospects:

“Arterran Renewables is very enthusiastic about the potential from this partnership with members of the crypto currency community. The mutual discovery of the benefits that each of us can offer the world is enormous. Arterran believes both parties have disruptive innovation at the core of our technologies and our innovations will change the World.”

GENERcoins will be released through a crowdsale taking place on the Master Protocol on June 11th, 2014. Each participant will actually be pre-purchasing Arterran’s NextGEN Solid Biofuel at the rate of $0.062 USD per coin, equivalent to 10,000 btu calculated at a significant discount (according to current market prices as reported by Argus Media). Each coin holder then has the option of redeeming their coins for the fuel or exchanging or trading them as they see fit.

For more information on how you can participate in the GENERcoin crowdsale on June 11th, please visit or contact Ryan Keenan (Ryan(at)distributed(dot)buzz).


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