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Compounding Is The Key to Getting Rich

By Lakeem Crouthers

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The Future is Binary – Compounding! It’s every investor’s secret weapon. It is the primacies for investors everywhere. Think about it the whole point of investing is to get a return on initial investment and with compounding not only do you get a return on initial investments, but you continue to get a return on those returns as well. For Instance if you decide to make a $100 investment that compounds with a 100% return every month for 14 months the result at the end of those months would be extremely favorable. You would have made $1.4 million dollars!

But not many investors choice to take advantage of compounding and those who do are very conservative with the return rates. These types of investors are referred to as institutional investors. And most of them are ecstatic with an annual return of only 35% of their investments. Don’t confuse me any return is certainly always better than no return at all, but why not capitalize and make a much as possible from your seed investments.

You see these types of returns will not make you wealthy unless your seed investment is already a large amount. For instances if you invested a quarter of a million dollars into an investment in it brought you back a return of 35% at the end of the year, you would have made $175,000. And anyone would be content with that. But for those who don’t have a large amount to start with, it’s important for them to be more aggressive with their money.

You may be wondering if there was a way to make a return of 100% every month why people are settling for a rate of 35% yearly. Why aren’t more people doing it? That is because it is difficult to find one large investment that makes return of a 100% every month. And people would rather take the easy route than difficult one.

But smaller investment can deliver the same amazing returns too. If you desire to make monthly returns of 100% but aren’t able to find an investment that works well. You can simply strive to make 20% returns every week from small investments. Or if that’s too much for you, break it down even further and shoot for daily investments that rakes in at least a 2.5% return. Which is extremely more feasible for anyone with half a brain.

These types of short weekly investments are what I like to call fast-cycle investments. I call them that because you have to act rapid when these types of investment opportunities present themselves. You also have to be more aggressive with your actions. A fast-cycle investment usually requires you to involve in a lot of work and for that reason they are typical overlooked by institutional investors.

But making fast-cycle investments opens amazing opportunities for those people who tend to be excluded from investing due to lack of sufficient funds. Once you have been effectively compounding you eventually have enough money to venture of to more traditional investments.

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Compounding Is The Key to Getting Rich | News Canada Binary.


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