Explore+Discover Now Accepts Bitcoin | News Canada Binary

Explore+Discover Now Accepts Bitcoin
Digital Payment System Helps Speed Enrollment

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The Future is Binary – Explore+Discover, a leader in infant and toddler care and education, is now accepting Bitcoin, making it even easier for parents to enroll their children at E+D’s early learning center.

“We are accepting Bitcoin because we want to make sure every parent has the opportunity to have their children benefit from Explore+Discover’s phenomenal daycare and early education program,” said Brian Koffler, Chief Technology Officer for E+D’s parent company, K3 Learning. “As payment methods change, it is important for organizations in the service industry to accommodate the needs of our clients. Bitcoin is simple, secure, fast and cost-effective for everyone to use.”

Explore+Discover is one of the first facilities of its kind to accept Bitcoin. The group will continue to accept all traditional payment forms as well.

“The bigger issue here is helping transform the New York City landscape for infant and toddler care and education,” Koffler added. “Allowing prospective parents to pay through Bitcoin helps us achieve that.”

Explore+Discover is setting a new standard for infant and toddler care and education this September by opening the first of more than 20 early learning centers in New York City.

The group’s first center is located at 444 Second Avenue (26th Street) in the Kips Bay/Gramercy Park region. The 5,000-square-foot facility includes eight classrooms, a community gathering space and a private outdoor play area, among other features.

Explore+Discover’s initiative is built on a comprehensive approach that includes a highly trained staff, an arts-oriented responsive curriculum and an innovative environment that is specifically geared to support the learning process of young children 3 to 23 months old. The combined impact provides superior daycare services while promoting social, physical and cognitive growth.

Explore+Discover’s approach recognizes that infants and young toddlers are naturally inquisitive learners. But unlike older children, the very young learn primarily through their senses of touch, hearing and seeing. Too often, traditional preschool and daycare centers either overlook their education needs or do not fully engage infants and young toddlers, which can hold back their well-rounded growth.

Explore+Discover directly engages the natural curiosity of the very young through early education professionals, designed environments, creative materials and a series of interactive learning paths that include music, art, movement and language. Explore+Discover also relies on the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education that advocates intentional and alluring learning experiences.

All centers will rely on highly trained, professional staffs that include head teachers with master’s degrees in early childhood education as well as assistant teachers with bachelor’s degrees and/or years of experience working with infants and toddlers.

During the next few years, Explore+Discover expects to open more than 20 other centers in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. Each center will include the same core philosophy, facilities and operational approach. These elements include:

Approximately 80 students per facility
Innovative environments
On-site outdoor play areas
A head teacher and two assistant teachers per classroom
An arts-oriented curriculum
About Explore+Discover

Explore+Discover is dedicated to setting the standard for infant and toddler care and education—an experience of natural discovery where children thrive as confident, creative learners. Headquartered New York, N.Y., Explore+Discover is a member of the Koffler Family-owned group of education businesses, K3 Learning. The Kofflers are specialists in early childhood education, daycare, college preparatory support and special needs education. In the last 30 years they have helped transform the education landscape by creating many iconic brands that have helped thousands of children and their families.

Please visit explorediscover.net to learn more.

Explore+Discover Now Accepts Bitcoin | News Canada Binary.


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