Update – Criminal Pursuit/Police and Citizen Vehicles Struck | News Canada Binary

Update – Criminal Pursuit/Police and Citizen Vehicles Struck

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The Future is Binary – A 25 year old man is expected to appear in Saskatoon Provincial Court this afternoon, charged in connection with this incident.

Currently the man is facing charges of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, possession of a stolen vehicle, and assault with a weapon (for ramming a police cruiser). Further charges are pending.

Investigators are still piecing together all of the events that occurred, however at this time it is known that one civilian suffered non-life threatening injuries as the result of a collision with the suspect vehicle, four police vehicles were damaged – three of them extensively and at least three civilian vehicles have been reported damaged as a result of hit and runs by the suspect vehicle. It is expected that many more reports will be received by the owners of vehicles which were struck by the suspect vehicle throughout the downtown and north west areas of the city.

At approximately 4:40 p.m., June 25, 2014, police received a report of a black truck driving erratically in the area of Avenue I and 19th Street West. The responding officer located the suspect vehicle within three minutes in a nearby alley. The suspect vehicle refused to stop for the officer and a short criminal pursuit began but was called off at 8th Street and Lorne Avenue due to safety concerns. During this time an officer deployed stop sticks at Idylwyld Drive and 20th Street West in the event the suspect vehicle fled back into the downtown area. Minutes later the vehicle did, in fact, turn around and head back to Idylwyld Drive. It swerved to avoid the stop sticks and instead struck civilian vehicles on 20th Street West. The suspect vehicle continued until it reached the 200 block of Avenue Q North where it struck a police cruiser head on, disabling the cruiser. The suspect vehicle then left the scene and at least t hree collision occurred with civilian motorists at; 36th and Avenue F, Idylwyld and 25th, and 20th Street and Avenue B. During this time Police were receiving numerous reports from witnesses reporting the black truck as driving erratically, striking parked vehicles, and fleeing the scene of the collisions. Police also received two reports that the suspect, who was wearing a bandanna over his face, attempted to steal taxi cabs at two different gas stations before being scared off by bystanders. Fourteen minutes later the suspect vehicle returned to the scene of the collision with the police cruiser at Avenue Q. Other officers had since responded to that scene and a crowd of onlookers had gathered. The suspect vehicle began driving toward an officer and the members of the public standing on the sidewalk. The officer shouted for people to move to safety. The officer drew his firearm and fired shots at the vehicle. The suspect vehicle then fled the scene again. An order was then given for another responding unit to purposely collide with the suspect vehicle as it approached the area of Circle Drive and 11th Street West. The suspect then fled the scene on foot. A short foot pursuit occurred and the man was captured with the assistance of the Canine Unit.

Fortunately no officers were injured during this incident. The suspect suffered injuries consistent with the collisions and with dog bites. He did not suffer any injury as a result of the shots being fired. The entire incident lasted 58 minutes.

Members from General Investigation, Forensic Identification and the Collision Analyst Unit continue to investigate.

Update – Criminal Pursuit/Police and Citizen Vehicles Struck | News Canada Binary.


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