Out Run Epic Makes Its Appearance as First Infinite Running Game for Development Innovations | News Canada Binary

Out Run Epic Makes Its Appearance as First Infinite Running Game for Development Innovations
Infinite running game adds a storyline to the app world in an attempt to relate real-life situations while including a bit of humor in the process.

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The Future is Binary – Development Innovations is an app development company that stands by its word of creating fun and innovative mobile apps. After completing its’ very first mobile app and releasing it to the world, the DILLC team realized that they needed to step things up a bit. So, the birth of Out Run Epic ensued and was released on June 19, 2014 to the Google Play Store as well as the Amazon App Store. The official release of Out Run Epic to the Apple App Store was released on June 26, 2014.

Out Run Epic on Facebook

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Apple App Store

Google Play Store

Also available on the Amazon App Store.

The developer of Development Innovations has officially released its second major project called Out Run Epic. With this being their first infinite running mobile app, it’s also an app that many people can relate to as it gives them the opportunity to take a real life situation and turn it into something utterly humorous. In lieu of doing this, it also gives gamers the opportunity to enjoy the gamer experience while laughing along the way.

As mentioned before, the developer decided to take things a step further with creating a scenario for this game. Take a minute to try and picture this. The game starts off with two basic characters being Beth Nolan and Christian Skater. They are both over Beth’s house, sitting on the couch, watching a movie. Just as they are getting ready to go in for the kiss that they’ve been waiting for all day, her angry father opens the door, fists balled up and begins walking towards Christian. Christian quickly gets up and jumps through the window and is immediately chased by Beth’s father all the way down the endless traffic-filled street.

Once in the midst of this game play experience, the gamer will have the opportunity to see firsthand, the limitless features that only add to the positive impression that Out Run Epic has already been delivering. Gamers will have the chance to choose from a selection of unique and diverse characters while also choosing from a list of upgrades that help escaping from an angry dad a little easier. Having the choice to upgrade to a scooter, bolt pack or even multitudes of coins is just another way of being able to enjoy the better part of playing Out Run Epic.

Development Innovations is an app development company that is located in South Carolina. On last year, this company launched it’s very first project called Candy Factory City Epic, the first of the Epic series. Now that Out Run Epic has launched, it has given the developer plenty of time to revamp the entire concept and idea of it’s first game in order to gain more fans and gamers. With Out Run Epic leading in positive feedback, it was inevitable that it would be released to several app stores across the board.

Since this app has been released on the Google Play Store and Amazon App Stores, it has already received an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 because the gamers are enjoying it. Even Out Run Epic’s Facebook fan page has increased in numbers over the past few weeks. Take a look at it for yourself by clicking on the link below. In an effort to make sure that these positive ratings continue to increase, the developer has already moved forward with creating new updates for the month of July

Out Run Epic Makes Its Appearance as First Infinite Running Game for Development Innovations | News Canada Binary.


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