Top 10 Food Mascots | News Canada Binary

Top 10 Food Mascots | News Canada Binary.

Top 10 Food Mascots

Script written by Sean Harris. They make food even more fun, and eating even more exciting! And now, we’re hungry. In this video, counts down our picks for the top 10 food mascots! For this list, we’ve looked at the invented mascots of supermarket products only, so no restaurant characters and no spokespeople! We’ve also ruled out cereal brands because both of those are lists for another day! Special thanks to our users Ethan Monma, JHawkeye9000, Ridinspinaz04, Jack Napier, Jon Gordon, Justin Pabon for submitting the idea on our Suggestions Page at

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Top 10 Food Mascots

The Future is Binary – They make food even more fun, and eating even more exciting! Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 food mascots!

For this list, we’ve looked at the invented mascots of supermarket products only, so no restaurant characters and no spokespeople! We’ve also ruled out cereal brands because both of those are lists for another day! 

#10: The Jolly Green Giant
Green Giant

Making his first television appearance in 1958, the Jolly Green Giant has been encouraging kids (and grown-ups) to eat their veggies for over half a century! And, since 1973, he’s had help from Sprout, his young buddy. And together, there aren’t too many food cupboards that he hasn’t commandeered, nor too many diets they haven’t improved! He was also the subject of a love song by ‘The Kingsmen’ in 1964, and there’s a 55-foot-high fiberglass statue of him in Minnesota. It’s no wonder he’s always smiling!

#9: Coca-Cola Polar Bears

After debuting in print in 1922, these cold cuddlies really came to life in 1993 on television. The original TV ad had the polar bears relaxing with a Coke and the Northern Lights. Now, over 20-years later, they’re a holiday tradition, and global stars! In 2013, award-winning director Ridley Scott even created a 7-minute short film about them! As a result of the bears’ success, Coca-Cola now works closely with the World Wildlife Fund, to ensure that polar bears lead good lives in the real world, as well as in the commercial breaks!

#8: Mr. Peanut
Planter’s Peanuts

Designed in 1916 by a contest-winning schoolboy, Mr. Peanut brings a touch of class to your favorite barroom snack food! His top hat and monocle have marched through advertising history for nearly a century, and there’s no sign that he’ll be hanging up his cane anytime soon! In 2006, Planter’s Peanuts held an online vote to determine what other accessories the noble nut should have – but the public voted for no change! Sometimes, you just can’t beat the original!

#7: Chester Cheetah

It may not be ‘easy being cheesy,’ but this guy makes advertising look effortless! Created in 1986, Chester succeeded the ‘Cheetos Mouse’ – who was cheesy, but not in a good way! With his dark glasses and ‘dangerous’ edge, the big cat was a big hit with snack food fans! His endless, often hilarious, quest for Cheetos even earned him roles in video games, as well as official doll merchandise! He’s a mass-market mascot!

#6: Helping Hand
Hamburger Helper

One of the more simplistic mascots, the Helping Hand is a symbol of the ‘70s, and of stress-free cooking. With his smiling eyes and big red nose, it’s impossible not to like this little guy! A light in the gloom of your kitchen cupboard, he’s there to make cooking easy and inexpensive, and to make dinner taste good! And he comes in a variety of flavors too! We’ll choose to overlook the fact that he only has four fingers… Who needs five, anyway, when you’ve got a Helping Hand?!

#5: Nesquik Bunny aka Quiky

This is one hare that would not lose to a tortoise! He wouldn’t lose to a cheetah either… or anything that’s fast! Symbolizing the speed that it takes to make a Nesquik drink, this bunny’s an advertising superstar! A balance between athletic and adorable – he’s recognizable the world over. He debuted as strawberry flavored, and changed to chocolate in 1973. Since then he’s sprinted down supermarket aisles, and into thousands of shopping baskets!

#4: The California Raisins
California Raisins

At number 4, we head into the upper echelons of food mascot-dom! The California Raisins aren’t just cardboard box characters, they’re showbiz royalty! As part of a 1986 raisin commercial campaign, they covered Marvin Gaye’s ‘I Heard it Through the Grapevine’ – a media frenzy ensued, and the claymation crooners found their wrinkled faces plastered all over everything! T-shirts, lunchboxes, coffee mugs and underwear! Dried up they may be, but lifeless they sure ain’t – they even won an Emmy! 

#3: Kool-Aid Man

The Kool-Aid Man’s had quite a history! His ancestor debuted in 1950s TV ads as a smiling, sweaty pitcher full of the sweet stuff. By the time the ‘70s rolled around, he was a walking; talking giant juice jug who’d break through everything to ensure kids didn’t go thirsty! He’s varied through the years between live-action and computer-animated; and in the ‘80s he was also the hero of two videogames, and, for three issues, a Marvel Comic book character! You can add water to the Kool-Aid man, but you can’t dilute him!

#2: Poppin’ Fresh aka Pillsbury Doughboy
Pillsbury Company

Designed to resemble the doughy product that he’s advertised since 1965, the Doughboy has truly stood the test of time! Humanized slightly beyond the mushy contents of a Pillsbury product, his chef’s hat, button eyes and chubby cheeks make him just about the cutest mascot ever – and his tee-hee giggle, well that’s just ultra-adorable! Pillsbury’s products are poppin’ fresh, and that’s just how you’d describe this little man – he’ll never go out of date!

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
– The Vlasic Stork
Vlasic Pickles
– Humpty Dumpty
Humpty Dumpty Snack Foods
– Ernest J. Keebler & the Keebler Elves
Keebler Company
– Punchy
Hawaiian Punch
– Fido Dido
7 Up

#1: M&Ms Spokescandies

This motley mascot crew has been the faces of M&Ms since the mid-‘90s, and they’re the candy kings of our countdown! Red, Yellow, Blue, Miss Green, Orange and Ms. Brown are advertising all-stars and promotional perfection! They’re the ‘Spokescandies’ and we’ve been hanging on their every word for two decades now! Their unique characteristics, and crazy caper storylines make commercial breaks worth waiting for! They’re all individuals, but they make a great team! And now, they’re sugarcoated with success!


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