Gina Carey Releases New Single “Through The Waters” | News Canada Binary

Gina Carey Releases New Single “Through The Waters” | News Canada Binary.

Gina Carey Releases New Single “Through The Waters”

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The Future is Binary  – After 6 months of hiatus , Gina Carey is back and better than ever with the July 5th release of her new single “Through The Waters”. ” Through The Waters” is a slow heartfelt ballad packed with enormous amounts of emotion. Gina Carey’s new single, “Through The Waters” is a song about experiencing peace of mind regardless of your past or present trails. While listening to the lyrical content of “Through The Waters” , one can help but to re- examine their own positions as it relates to negativity verses positivity. Gina Carey cleverly and poetically tells her own story of triumph from despair by depicting the story of a woman’s journey through the waters and shattered glass. 

Gina Carey’s vocal performance is heartfelt and powerful! Undeniably, ” Through The Waters” has a magnetic pull and will keep you wanting more and more. Vocally, Gina Carey brings out such strong conviction, emotions and intensity. Unlike many of today’s pop artist who use computer overloads to enhance their voice, Gina’s voice is in your face and raw, putting listeners in the mind of that old school style of singing with a soft angelic touch. Her high note are tear jerking and gripping. In ” Through The Waters”, undoubtedly one can hear the intense emotions she experienced writing this song in a despairing place in her own life. Through The Waters” is destined to take listeners on a melodic journey of hope, peace and inspiration. 
It is quit difficult to classify ” Through The Waters” in one particular Genre. ” Through The Waters ” sits in its own classification. Some smooth jazz R&B can be heard in “Through The Waters”, however, this song can easily slide into a cinematic genre due to its orchestral arrangements and melodic musical compositions. 

“Through The Waters” was lyrically written, musically arranged, produced and mixed by Gina Carey. Her husband, guitarist John Carey also co- produced, co- arranged, co-wrote the music. John Carey has also contributed his brilliant bass and melodic Spanish style guitar accents throughout the entire song. Additionally, the magical fingers of none other than pianist Joel Orona who played keys and strings gave this song the final ingredients of perfection. 

This talented soul singer is a diamond in the rough and is a perfect representation of indie soul artist on the rise in this generation. Without a doubt, ” Through The Waters” is sure to prove another success for Gina Carey. “Through The Waters” will be available for digital downloading on Gina Carey’s website , Itunes and Amazon on and after July 5, 2014. Find out more about Gina Carey by visiting her website: , Facebook:


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