Precious Metals Leader, Amagi Metals, Launches New Website With Bitcoin-friendly Features | News Canada Binary

Precious Metals Leader, Amagi Metals, Launches New Website With Bitcoin-friendly Features | News Canada Binary.

Precious Metals Leader, Amagi Metals, Launches New Website With Bitcoin-friendly Features

Amagi Metals has unveiled their new website which highlights their extensive list of cryptocurrency payment options for gold and silver. New features and educational materials will improve the buying experience.

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The Future is Binary  – Amagi Metals played an impressive role in the evolution of the precious metals world recently and plans to further their brand and services with the launch of their new website,

Amagi Metals is known for low premiums and some of the best customer service in the industry, while also being the one of the first to accept Bitcoin for gold and silver – and the first to offer 5+ cyrptocurrencies as payment options. The new website’s aesthetic vibe creates a simple shopping experience. Just the right amount of information packaged into a clean website, and user-friendly shopping with the new “one-click” option.

The website’s “Market Alert” feature, which allows users to receive price alerts on gold, silver, platinum and Bitcoin, will surely be an asset for investors and stackers everywhere. Text messages and email updates will automatically alert you when the chosen commodity hits a customized price mark. Users will also find Bitcoin and precious metals prices updated by the minute in the header of every page.

“Our customers will be impressed by the simple design and won’t have to visit numerous sites to retrieve all the information they are looking for in the precious metals and cryptocurrency world. Amagi wants to truly simplify the experience of buying silver and gold with our new features.” – Stephen Macaskill, CEO

In addition to the new pricing and market features, Amagi Metals will be a one-stop source for news. The homepage will feature a link stream called “Free Market News” for customers and visitors who wish to keep up with the latest news from the financial world. Amagi bloggers have been immersed in both the cryptocurrency and bullion world for over 7 years and will be selecting top news to share daily. You can also submit any questions regarding silver, gold, cryptocurrencies and the Federal Reserve to the “Ask Megan” page to receive video responses. This interactive part of the new website will help educate new investors on how to safely secure their wealth.


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